Rt. 1 Trans. Study Feedback?

We hope Rethink College Park will provide a complete report on Wed. night’s meeting, but need to correct our previous post: ICF international, Nelson\Nygaard and Reid Ewing worked together on the report, with Will Schroeer taking the lead during the presentation. College Park has posted the draft report . Perhaps the PowerPoint, a specific email address and period for public comment will be posted next.

In general, we’d love to see all governmental bodies, but particularly those in the Rt. 1 area, make an effort to include more of their constituents in the planning process when scheduling similar meetings. Avoiding holiday weeks and meeting Saturdays (as the Cafritz group plans to) would be excellent. Meetings that run from 7-10 pm on a weeknight are no more accessible to the average citizen than the 9 am hearings the Planning Board holds in Upper Marlboro. We would like to get impressions and reactions from anyone who attended in the comments. Those of us who had to depart before the presentation’s conclusion would appreciate your insights. (Small edits made after sleep & reflection.)


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  1. Supposedly Fairfax government has developed a culture, which they call the Fairfax way. All public hearings are on Saturday. We should demand that in Prince George’s.

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