I Make a Motion

Our county’s planning process might easily be improved by a couple small changes.

gerald-kings-vision-of-riverdale.jpgThe Wachovia Bank in Riverdale Park was approved by the town just week ago, 6/7. The Planning Board will review it today (they approved it but required some changes-3 drive thru lanes). To be located at Route 1 & 410, the bank has been heavily discussed on town and neighborhood lists because it would add drive thru lanes that exit on 410 and 1. (The staff planner recommends disapproval of the drive thru but then provides contingencies should the Planning Board approve). Though this project has been in the works for some time, this short and very tight time frame prompts me to suggest that the Planning Board:

  • Require that the item be placed on an agenda 30 days after the staff report’s issuance or a municipality has acted on the matter (with accompanying signage). Current practice limits the opportunity for input from residents of neighboring communities.
  • Seek out additional meeting spots and rotate your meetings through the county on a regular basis to encourage community participation in the planning process. The distance to Upper Marlboro and lengthy waits greatly diminishes the likelihood that citizens will attend.

Reasonable public notice, community input/participation and transparency must become stronger elements in the planning process in Prince George’s County.

Seconds for this motion accepted in the comments, or offer your own ideas.

Addendum The Landy Property faces a similarly tight timeline–the staff report comes out 6/27 with a Planning Board hearing 2 weeks later. Letters expressing your opinion should go to our Planning Board, with copies to your mayor, town councilmember and Councilmembers Will Campos & Eric Olson. Visit Elected Representatives & Events for addresses and details. Letters to the Planning Board should reference DSP-99048/01 and allow sufficient time for letters to be received.



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2 responses to “I Make a Motion

  1. Michele P. Leonardi

    I agree 100% It’s like the planning board operates in secret-we need reasonable public notice-and better access to the meetings

  2. Apparently, Fairfax County schedules all public hearings on Saturdays. I am not if that applies to their equivalent of the planning board but it would make sense to do that here so that people actually have a chance to attend.

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