Mapping Our Past & Future

usa-map-wooden-jigsaw-puzzle.jpgAs we contemplate the incredible amount of growth the Route 1 community faces, it might be worth taking a look backwards. Our area’s growth is illustrated graphically over time on this map, buildings pop up as you move from the 1800s to the present. To see your neighborhood, just click and drag the map in the correct direction. FAQs are here. If you like maps, also look at PG Atlas.

If, however, that’s not enough fun for you, then check out our expanded planning links on More Info. The Planning Board’s work remains something of a mystery to many residents. We’ve tried to gather some of the more useful links that make it easier to keep up with growth in our area. Don’t be intimidated by the lingo: a little reading and you will soon by tossing off TDDP (Transit District Development Plan), TMA (Traffic Management Area) or TOD (Transit Oriented Development) with panache–or at least a minimum of confusion. Then, of course, there’s fun for the whole family on the kids page.


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  1. jeuill

    Wow! Hyattsville has been around for a long time.

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