Worries & Action

Route 1 Growth began with a series of, well…, worries, as we wondered what changes rapid development would bring to our crazy quilt of Rt. 1 communities and neighborhoods.

  • How will our already taxed infrastructure hold up, particularly Rt. 1 and E-W Hwy.?
  • What is the environmental cost?
  • Can our neighborhoods and towns maintain their history and sense of identity in the face of such rapid expansion?
  • What is its impact on our quality of life and community cohesion?
  • What is the impact of such a large influx of new housing inventory?
  • Will there be an impact on the racial, generational and economic diversity of Rt. 1 communities?

Some of us are natural worriers and have been thinking about this for a good while, others were nudged along by the Wachovia, Cafritz, Landy developments or others in the pipeline. So we talked to neighbors, friends, parents and people we know with a little expertise. A couple of meetings, this blog and more conversation led to the following statement of our mission, vision and principles (and here ). We need to demand more of the planning process and developers. Remember–if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Discussion welcome.


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