Ah, Route 1 on the Riviera


We are back from our luxurious sojourn on the Riviera where we never thought a bit about traffic on Route 1, pedestrian safety, transit, TIFs and school seats.

OK, we lied. We have been thinking and meeting incessantly about all of the above and just have not had time to report back. So, a quick round up of the last 45 days in no particular order follows.

Purple Line excitement. At the MTA Purple Line focus group meeting, UMD Athletic Director Debbie Yow came out in favor of the Purple Line in a big way. But she insists it be on Stadium Dr. because of the 60-70 special events each year, rather than on Campus Dr. which is MTA’s preferred alignment. But students need to get to class everyday. This seems to be a point that she and Dan Mote, an alleged supporter of the Purple Line, have yet to grasp. The UMD administrators parroting the party line angered local residents at the meeting.

East Campus community input meetings continue. In fact, if the grapevine is accurate, the group’s discussion of principles that will guide the project’s planning, design and development may be delayed until 12/10. Watch our Events page or this site for updates. This where the TIF comes in: do taxpayers wish to foot the bill for East Campus infrastructure improvements now in exchange for future tax revenues? National Harbor’s infrastructure was financed this way. But there’s an obvious link between this issue and the Purple Line’s ultimate route through campus.

Cafritz Family laying low. Well, kinda. While the Route 1 area seemed taken aback by the Cafritz family’s wish to build 2000 units and lots of retail on this Route 1 site, Jane Cafritz disingenuously claimed she had no idea that we were concerned about schools. The community was not paying close enough attention (distracted by Whole Foods perhaps) and Jane was not listening. Why else would she have hired a guy who builds big projects? Why would we have mentioned schools every third sentence? Still no word on their secret traffic solution. Drop Jane a line and see what’s up. There remain a lot of questions to be answered before a zoning change is a considered.

Schools…There’s really too much to cover, separate post coming soon from our ace education committee.

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