Reminder: Stacy Mitchell on Connecting Retail & Growth to Community

State Street, Madison WIWednesday, November 28
7 pm Refreshments
7:30 pm Talk & Discussion
Hyattsville City Hall

4310 Gallatin St., Hyattsville MD 301-985-5000
Remember, we invited you? Join us.
As growth in the Route 1 corridor accelerates, what can we learn from other communities? How can we avoid becoming Anyplace USA? Can we use retail as a catalyst for good community development? How can local governments avoid retail sprawl and build a vibrant local business economy? From innovative small-business initiatives to cutting-edge land-use policies, Mitchell offers communities concrete strategies that can create a more prosperous and sustainable future. More on our Events page.



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3 responses to “Reminder: Stacy Mitchell on Connecting Retail & Growth to Community

  1. Is there any chance that Stacy’s talk could be video/audiotaped and made available via this site? I would love to attend, and have found Stacy’s books and website very useful, but due to a prior commitment, I simply cannot. I would appreciate any coverage given here or elsewhere. Thanks in advance.

  2. With any luck, we’ll have slides and audio.

  3. Hey, sorry I didn’t see your tip in time to post anything on– for some reason it got flagged as spam. Anyway, I hope you had a good turnout — let me know if you want me to link to any slides or audio.

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