Buy Local: Shop, Eat & Drink

42-15529187This holiday season keep your hard-earned dollars in the community and working for you by spending locally.

You can have an impact. Shifting even a small amount of your spending from chains to locally owned businesses can have a major impact on the local economy. According to a new study, in Western Michigan, if the 600,000 residents of Grand Rapids and surrounding Kent County were to redirect just 10 percent of their total spending from chains to local businesses, it would create nearly $140 million in new economic activity for the region and 1,600 new jobs.

Add that to a recent report on how Wal-Mart and other big box retailers legally skim sales tax and you have to wonder how priorities became so skewed. In Maryland alone, we’ve lost $31,000,000 in potential sales tax revenue.

Our new and redeveloping districts need you this season. Please support the locally owned businesses of Gateway Arts District, Hyattsville, EYA, University Town Center and in College Park. Think of these businesses for gift certificates, catering, office or class gift exchanges and more. Many are new businesses–let them know what you are looking for, ask if they order, speak up if you’d like to see a menu item added.

Buying locally creates community: support our local economy to build a sustainable future for the Route 1 Corridor.


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One response to “Buy Local: Shop, Eat & Drink

  1. Great post!

    In the Arts District on Route 1, you’ll find numerous art galleries with one-of-a-kind jewelry, housewares, paintings, and more, all locally made, plus a bookstore.

    On Saturday 12/13, stop by the Lustine Center for the Hyattsville Alternative Gift Fair, where you can turn your holiday shopping dollars into meaningful contributions to local non-profits. Enjoy a bake sale, live performances, and kids activities, too.

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