Mission, Vision & Principles

Route 1 Growth works to build creative, dynamic and healthy communities through the institution of comprehensive planning and sustainable community development standards. Effective and responsive planning can ensure northwestern Prince George’s County’s diverse population has the ability to live, work, obtain a quality education and select from a variety of occupational, recreational, and cultural opportunities along the Route 1 corridor. The corridor’s communities should collaboratively strive to provide quality, orderly, economically and fiscally-responsible development that enhances the quality of life of its residents.

Route 1 Growth seeks integrated and cohesive planning strategies that manage our area’s growth wisely while adequately investing in our schools and infrastructure, encouraging economic progress, maintaining our communities’ integrity and sustaining the environment. Our intent is to build proactive constituent support for our elected representatives to plan comprehensively and seek state and federal funding for addressing crucial infrastructure needs. This is an opportunity to establish a progressive model for Prince George’s County through sustainable community development standards.

Statement of Principles

  • Ensure Comprehensive Planning & Development: We believe that community input and participation, reasonable public notice and transparency must become basic elements of the planning process in Prince George’s County. Impact fees should remain in the development’s district and should be imposed at a rate that reflects the true cost of the necessary mitigations.
  • Support Education: We want our children to attend neighborhood public schools with a sufficient number of seats in permanent structures.
  • Protect the Environment: Prince George’s County should join other area jurisdictions and require sustainable design and green building practices. Developments should preserve green space and be environmentally sustainable, while creating healthy buildings that will endure.
  • Pursue Smart Growth: The development and permitting policies of Prince George’s County should reflect smart growth principles, especially inside the Beltway.
  • Enhance Public Transit & Transportation: Impact fees should be used for real traffic mitigation providing safe bike lanes, pedestrian friendly sidewalks and crosswalks and to fund a strong public transit system, including light rail. Traffic studies should be recent.
  • Improve Public Safety: Impact fees should be assessed on all development and should be used at the municipal level for those municipalities with police and fire departments. Impact fees should reflect the real costs of providing public safety services by all affected jurisdictions. Safety studies should be recent.
  • The Arts as Economic Engine: Continue and expand support of local artists and arts organizations throughout the Route 1 corridor in recognition of the arts’ economic power and contributions to successful community development and revitalization.