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Site Conventions & Resources

As you may have guessed, we have a number of folks writing here at Route 1 Growth. Many posts here will be more of the heads up or general information variety, please assume those are by the Rt. 1 working group as a whole. Posts reporting on a meeting, providing analysis, expressing a particular perspective or expertise will be signed in some way (oddly, our template does not show user names). We have started a Resources & Reading page and encourage others to help us flesh it out by sending links to

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Hello, did you hear?

consolidated-theaters.jpgNews of plans for the Cafritz property meetings, combined with the Landy property plans (pdf)—plus East Campus, EYA, Univ. Town Center, PG Plaza Metro and more—spurred area residents to begin a conversation about growth in our community and the infrastructure needed to support it. Where are we headed? Join us as we consider the ways this period of unprecedented development will change our communities.

Please sign up for our elist, check out the calendar, explore and send your ideas, suggestions, links, announcements, meeting dates and reports to:

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