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What’s the Hurry?

The Landy property is located behind the Mall at Prince George’s and along Belcrest Road. The proposed multi-family development will have 1100-1,341 apartments and 2,669 parking spaces in several towers, including a 16-story building. Approval from the neighboring Hyattsville is contingent upon annexing this property to Hyattsville.

Sarcasm Alert. We are curious. The original Landy Property staff report was completed in 2001. Years pass, babies are born, they begin kindergarten, then first grade, University Town Center’s retail nears completion and finally, developer Marvin Blumberg returns to his Landy project. He puts together plans, no one is thrilled, but things are moving. Then it is placed on the Planning Board’s agenda for May 10, 2007 and he requests a continuance. No biggie, it has been years in the works.

Summer approaches, school’s ending, those first graders have lost their front teeth and families head out of town for a vacation. Then–whoops–we are on the fast track again. Blumberg just met with the University Hills Civic Association (those folks are not happy), but plans another meeting for June 19 (this time it is public). Why? Oh, the M-NCPPC Staff Report is due June 27 and if he’s lucky, things will fall into place, and he will have an approval July 12 from the Planning Board. Umm…you don’t think he’d pull a fast one while you are at the beach, do you?

You do? Well, then write or call your council person today. Mark the meeting at St. Mark’s on your calendar and plan to attend, tell your friends and neighbors. Live nearby and not looking forward to a 16-story tower and 2600 more cars in your neighborhood? Then file as a Person of Record (regarding DSP-99048/01), it takes about five minutes max. Mr. Parker of the Planning Board cares about Prince Georgians, he’d like to hear from you.


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