Here we track projects in the planning process, those already approved and under construction. Although listed by municipality, our communities are oddly shaped, wrapping around each other and expanding through annexation. Municipal boundaries mean little in our daily lives. Please help us out by sending links or project descriptions to Thanks.

Here’s a listing of Approved Plans 2004-2007 , check for your District.

College Park
Rethink College Park does a great job covering College Park, please visit there for more complete information

East Campus project‘s informational site, an initial concept and a Washington Post article

North Gate Park, brochure describing this interesting collaboration near campus

Landy Staff Report and Site Plan for 1200-1300 unit apt. building, District Council approval is pending

University Town Center includes retail, movie theater and residential, also student housing

EYA: Arts District In Hyattsville and its July 2007 expansion approval

Prince George’s Plaza Metro Work, commercial and residential

Post Park , residential with small amount of retail, developers’ site

Riverdale Park
Cafritz Property, possibly with a Whole Foods. Please note that the files below take a moment to load and are the Cafritz project team’s interpretation of the community’s input and desires.
Design Principles July26 & 28, 2007
Community Input Summation June 14 & 16, 2007
Initial Cafritz Property Presentation June 2 & 7, 2007

M Square UMD/College Park/Riverdale Park

Mixed Use Town Center Zoning Map