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Your Planning Board
parker.jpgWho is this man? Why, Samuel J. Parker, Jr., of course! He is your new Planning Board Chairman.

The Prince George’s County Planning Board has a number of ways for you to monitor our area’s growth. Sign up here to receive their agenda regularly via email. Register your civic association here to receive important informational mailings. Please note that anyone may file a Request to Become Person of Record with the Planning Board. This is a easy way to stay up to date on all actions regarding a development you are concerned about.

Drop him a line at:
Prince George’s County Planning Board
County Administration Building
14741 Gov. Oden Bowie Drive
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
fax 301-952-5074

Park & Planning
We believe that community input and participation, reasonable public notice and transparency must become basic elements of the planning process in Prince George’s County. This is essential to ensure comprehensive planning and successful development and avoid situations similar to this.

To that end, we suggest the following changes be made to the Planning Board’s process:

  • Require that the item be placed on an agenda 30 days after the staff report’s issuance and 30 days after a municipality has acted on the matter (with accompanying signage). Current practice limits the opportunity for input from residents in the immediate area and those of neighboring communities.
  • Seek out additional meeting spots and rotate Planning Board meetings through the county on a regular basis to encourage community participation in the planning process. The distance to Upper Marlboro and lengthy waits greatly diminishes the likelihood that citizens will attend.

This is our community, so let’s participate in the planning process. Explore below for helpful links from the maze over at the Prince George’s County Planning Board. Remember, you can also search for specific projects by case number or keywords.

Planning Board Agendas Agendas usually are linked to relevant reports for each project.

Planning Areas

College Park US Route 1 Corridor Sector Plan

Approved Plans 2004-207

Monthly Report of Development Activity

Transit Oriented Development

Information Center

Detailed Site Plan Process

Traffic Impact Guidelines

PG Atlas Maps with various geographical layers and aerial imagery, Netscape rquired.


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